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TSW Invitational Wrestling Tournament - 12/2/23

Despite the soggy Saturday weather, the TSW Invitational Wrestling Tournament was a huge success! We were able to get our message out to a packed gym in front of a very interested audience. A big thank you to Directors Debbie Wilson, Roger Rolen, Doug Samarron, Chris Stratman, Kevin Poppen, and Outreach Coordinator Melissa Papp for all their work answering questions, selling tee shirts, and sharing Tyrone's heroic story. We were inspired by everyone who stopped by and spent some time learning a little more about TSWWF and Tyrone's exemplary courage. We are grateful to those of you who bought tees, donated, or offered your positive impressions about our providing financial assistance for these young athletes. We are resolute in our mission to have the financial ability to provide wrestling shoes, tournament expenses, warm-ups/singlets, pay-to-play fees and other expenses that are associated with helping the wrestlers and wrestling programs. Only with the support of individuals and businesses are we able to achieve that goal. Whether you bought a T-shirt or donated $$$, you are contributing to making it possible for us to help these kids and we thank you.

We were also inspired by all the positive and encouraging comments we received from wrestling fans who stopped by our display and spent some time learning more about Tyrone's courage in Benghazi and the Congressional Gold Medal award that is working its way through the design process.

Huge thanks to the wrestling fans, our community, and all those who support this time-honored sport. Wrestling develops good character, requires/demands discipline, and teaches a "never quit" attitude. We are proud to promote this exciting sport that he loved so much -- a sport that definitely builds champions!!

Next up is Tyrone's 53rd Angel Birthday and Thirsty Frog Fest fundraiser on January 13, 2024. Information and the names of participating establishments will appear on this page in the near future.
The Tyrone Snowden Woods Wrestling Foundation (TSWWF) was created in 2015 to maintain Tyrone's heroic legacy and to provide financial support for youth wrestlers and wrestling programs.

The values he acquired on the mat were an integral part of his Navy SEAL ethos and his 20 year SEAL career and influenced him to become the man he was. He never quit and even though he perished doing what was right, his heroic actions the night of September 11 and morning of September 12 in Benghazi, Libya helped save the lives of 30 other people.

To honor him and his legacy of valor, TSWWF recognizes his "never quit" attitude, determination, inspiration, grit, and loyalty. With the presentation of the annual Tyrone S. Woods Memorial Trophy and scholarship, we encourage and mentor academic excellence, community service, and an exemplary code of ethics for success both on and off the mat.

tyrone s. woods memorial park

Oregon City names newest park after Tyrone. For more details click here.

les schwab be the change award
In October, 2017, we were selected to be a recipient of the KPTV Fox 12 "Be the Change" award that is sponsored by Les Schwab Tires.

To be recognized for our charitable efforts to help youth wrestlers by such a prominent and well-respected business in the Pacific Northwest is truly an honor. Thank you, Les Schwab!

we need your help
Our mission cannot be achieved without financial support.

With your donations, TSWWF can help these young athletes and/or wrestling programs in several ways to ensure that the opportunity to participate in the great sport of wrestling is available to them.

For example, through your contributions, TSWWF can purchase new pairs of wrestling shoes, pay-to-play fees, uniforms, or contribute to transportation expenses for out-of-state tournaments. If a wrestling program needs new mats or other equipment, TSWWF can help. Among many needs, these are just a few examples of how your donations will benefit these wrestlers and programs.

You can donate either by check or online.

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Oregon City's Tyrone Woods to receive Congressional Gold Medal
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US Senators Wyden, Merkley Applaud Passage of Legislation Awarding Congressional Gold Medal to Heroes Killed in 2012 Benghazi Consulate Attack
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