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What is the Tyrone Woods Wrestling Foundation?

The Tyrone Woods Wrestling Foundation is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization seeking to
  • Provide financial and charitable assistance to youth wrestlers and wrestling programs.
  • Annual recognition of the most outstanding Oregon high school wrestler by awarding the Tyrone S. Woods Memorial Trophy and a $2,500 scholarship based on academic, community service, and wrestling achievements.
  • Promote scholarship, character building, and good citizenship through the sport of wrestling.



TSWWF was established in 2015 after a chance meeting in Oregon City between Tyrone's mom, Cheryl, and Coach Roger Rolen of OCHS. Roger told her that in 2009 Tyrone returned to his high school and gave an amazing inspirational talk to his global studies classes, not about being in the Navy or being a Navy SEAL, but about the influence that OCHS and the wrestling team had on making him the man he eventually became.

His message was to "BE PASSIONATE ABOUT SOMETHING" and to "GO DO IT." Based on that event, TSWWF was formed to honor Tyrone, promote his message, and support high school wrestling. With an impressive Board of Directors and commitment to carry on Tyrone's legacy, TSWWF will shine a light on his "NEVER QUIT" spirit to encourage young athletes to achieve their own success in life, both on and off the mat.


How does Tyrone Woods Wrestling Foundation carry out its mission?

TSWWF is a nonprofit run by a handful of dedicated board members and volunteers who work hard and without compensation so that youth athletes with financial and life challenges can be part of a great sport where they will be exposed to the important life tools to help them become successful adults. With financial support from our local supporters and from across the country, we have grown and met annual goals with plans to achieve even more.

The process begins with the requestor completing a Financial Assistance Request Form (FARF). After it is submitted, the board reviews the request, a decision is made, and the requestor is notified.


Since 2015 our donations to wrestlers and programs have amounted to almost $55,000 to help them cover costs for pay-to-play fees, wrestling shoes, mats, travel to tournaments, and annual scholarships.

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