What We've Accomplished

2020 Wrestling Season Assistance

  • $ 400 Pioneer Pantry, Oregon City, OR
  • $1500 N. Douglas HS, Oregon, 3 wrestling dummies
  • $1100 D. Rodriguez, National tournaments
  • $4500 Damaged Ear Wrestling Club, materials to make their own wall mats
  • $2500 TSW Memorial Trophy/$2500 Scholarship, Elijah Cleaver, Stanford
  • $2500 TSW Memorial Trophy/$2500 Scholarship, Olivia Flack, Southern Oregon U.

2019-2020 Wrestling Season Assistance

  • $2000 Lake Oswego HS, OR to help replace their 25 year-old mat
  • $ 300 "Best of the Northwest" Tournament - two wrestlers - travel expenses
  • $ 200 V. Zerban, Flo Nationals, Pennsylvania
  • $ 800 D. Rodriguez for travel to Women's Nationals, Jr. World Team Trials, Irving, TX
  • $ 500 F. McConnell, OR for Nationals, Fargo, ND
  • $ 700 D. Rodriguez, Budapest
  • $2500 2019 TSW Memorial Trophy/$2500 Scholarship, Melissa Kurtz. SOU
  • $2500 2019 TSW Memorial Trophy/$2500 Scholarship, Kirk Liscom, US Naval Academy
  • $2000 Kennedy HS, Oregon, wrestling mat
  • $1500 N. Douglas HS, Oregon - singlets/warmups

2017-2018 Wrestling Season Assistance

  • Three young men will be on the mat because TSWWF was able to provide funds ($350 total) for their wrestling shoes and pay-to-play fees. We are looking forward to receiving many more FARF submittals!
  • Sheridan High School Wrestling Team
    TSWWF answered a request from the coach at Sheridan High School, Sheridan, Oregon, to help provide shoes and sweats for their 12-member team. As with many coaches in different sports, sometimes they reach into their own pockets to cover the needs of their young athletes, which was the case with this coach. But it can become an overwhelming task and we were very happy to be able to donate $1700 for the purchase of shoes and sweats, which they did not have. With district and state tournaments coming up, the coach wanted the team to present a proud and united appearance. It is so encouraging when we hear responses such as: "OMG... thank you very, very much. Now we can look like a team!" What a reward for TSWWF!
  • $3000 Donation To Springfield High School Wrestling Program
    TSWWF responded to a request for help to purchase a very large wrestling mat for the Springfield High School team. Wrestling mats are very expensive and can cost over $10,000. The mat will also be utilized by several wrestling clubs in the Springfield area. We had the pleasure of meeting the team and coach Craig Kelsey for a special media presentation at the high school. They are a great group of young athletes and we wish them the best in the upcoming 2018 district and state wrestling tournaments.



2016-2017 Wrestling Season Assistance

  • Travel Expenses
    Six individual contributions of $200-$300 were made to help competing middle school wrestlers cover travel expenses for tournaments in Pocatello, ID; Cody, WY, and Fargo, ND.
  • Best of the Northwest Wrestling Tournament
    In March, TSWWF donated $1000 in support of the Best of the Northwest Tournament held at Eastern Oregon University March 31-April 1, 2017. Participating were top high school wrestlers from Idaho, Oregon, and Washington who qualified to compete in this tournament of champions. We were proud to be able to assist in making this event possible for these youth athletes.
  • Roy Pittman's Peninsula Wrestling Club
    In January, we contributed $3000 to the Roy Pittman Peninsula Wrestling Club for the purchase of shoes and other equipment for the young wrestlers in his program.
  • La Grande High School Wrestling Program
    On January 27, a check in the amount of $3000 was presented to the La Grande High School wrestling program to give them an assist with funding. Due to some very bad weather conditions this winter, their normal fundraising activities were canceled. TSWWF answered their request for financial assistance, making it possible for the wrestling program to continue for the kids.

These are just some examples of help we've been able to provide over the last few years.

Because of the outpouring of support from Tyrone's fans, we were able to fill the needs listed above. We extend a heartfelt "Thank You" to all of you who have donated dollars or volunteered time on behalf of the Foundation. This is just the beginning of fulfilling our vision to maintain Tyrone's legacy and to support his passion for the great sport of youth wrestling.

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