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Gratitude from our grapplers

February 19, 2020 - Letter from Coach Kyle McClain, North Douglas HS
..."We appreciate you and all that you have done for our program and the entire Oregon wrestling community! Thank you for the $1500 donation to our program. In my first year as the head coach at North Douglas, we were able to purchase new warm-ups, singlets, and traveling backpacks thanks to the generosity of the Tyrone S. Woods Wrestling Foundation. Thanks to your generosity, our wrestlers have a sense of pride and they are excited to be a part of something bigger than themselves! Tyrone's legacy of hard work and perseverance will be a large part of our program's culture for years to come!


From the wrestlers:

I wanted to say how honored I am to be the recipient of this year's award and generous scholarship. Thank you guys so much! I appreciate it. Thank You!" Mackyle Little, Culver High School, 2017 Recipient of TSW Trophy and $1000 Scholarship

"Thank you for the money! It helps me pay for the Junior Dual Tournament and Western Regionals. I will send you a picture of me and let you know how I did when I get back home! It will be a great trip with LOTS of wrestling. Thank you again." Lane Marshall, Recipient of Financial Assistance, 2017

"Thank you for accepting our financial assistance request. My family and I are very grateful for the support. I am very thankful for the $1000 donation from the Tyrone S. Woods Wrestling Foundation. Even more amazing is the additional $3000 from Pugzee's Farm and Training Center. Without the help from TSWWF, my journey to the Pan American Championships would not be possible. I am committed to continue training hard and improving my skills to help me and my team bring home the gold. Thank you." Destiny Rodriguez, Recipient of Financial Assistance, and currently No. 1 Women's Wrestler in the Nation at 152 lbs.

"I want to thank everyone who is a part of the Tyrone S. Woods Foundation for putting your time and energy into providing these amazing opportunities to young wrestlers who want to attend college, and to those who receive grants to help make it to wrestling tournaments they might not have been able to attend if not for your help. I am so grateful for what you guys are doing for young wrestlers like myself. I also think this is an amazing way to honor and pass on the story of the grave Navy SEAL Tyrone S. Woods." Fiona McConnell, Milwaukie High School, 2021 Recipient of TSW Memorial Trophy & $2500 Scholarship

I would like to thank you for your generous contribution to the North Douglas Wrestling Program. We are very excited to carry on Tyrone's legacy by working hard and being the best wrestlers we can be. This is my first year of wrestling and I could not enjoy it more. Morgan M. Class of 2021

Thank you very much for the generous donation. We are very honored to accept this donation and be able to keep Tyrone's legacy living on. I'm glad to be a part of the wrestling team this year. I have accomplished becoming the 9th ranked 126 lber in the state! Sincerely, Chase

Thank you for contributing to our program. It means a lot to me that helping our program and other programs around the state means so much to you. I was able to get a newer and more comfortable headgear and singlet. This year my wrestling has gotten much better and I have a good chance to go to state. Thank you again for making mine and other wrestling experiences so much better. Sincerely, Lucas R.

Thank you for this opportunity to grow and learn some valuable lessons that I can use in my life. My grandpa was a wrestler when he was young. I always loved listening to his stories. He inspired me to participate this year. With your help, he was able to watch me wrestler a match. His face was shining the whole time. You helped me experience a memory that I will forever hold dear. So thank you sooooo much. Your support helps change lives and instill love and growth among all. Thank you. Brooke C.

With your donation we were able to get new uniforms, travel bags, hair caps, and more gear that we've never had before. I can honestly say that my team and I are very grateful to have Tyrone's legacy live on through us through your donation to our program. Sincerely, Cydni D.

This is my first year wrestling and I can honestly say without your guys' contribution I would not have gotten this opportunity. The school purchased more uniforms, travel bags, and head gear to accommodate everyone. We are proud to carry on Tyrone's legacy by working hard, upholding a respectful manner, and participating in this amazing sport. Thank you again. It means the world. Sincerely, Tayla S. . It means the world. Sincerely, Tayla S.

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