Calendar Updates
Like so many other nonprofits, we are happy to report that we have returned to scheduling our usual fundraising events but we remain cautious.

Upcoming events will be the Tyrone S. Woods Wrestling Invitational at Oregon City High School on December 3 where we will recognize 14 boy and 14 girl outstanding wrestlers.

Our next event, Tyrone’s 52nd Angel Birthday and Thirsty Frog Fest, will be held on Saturday, January 14, at various pubs in Clackamas County (as listed under events on our website).

In regard to the 2022-2023 OSAA Championships, we are very happy to report that they will return to the Portland Veterans Memorial Coliseum on February 24 and 25.

Finally, our 2023 TSW Memorial Classic Golf Tournament is set for Saturday, June 17, at Stone Creek Golf Club. You may register your team from now until June 2, 2023. More information will be added under the 2023 TSW Golf Classic.

Other Upcoming Events
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Please check our Calendar Page for upcoming events.